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Best reviewed real estate agents in Atlanta
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Best reviewed real estate agents in Atlanta

Since Duffy Realty of Atlanta’s inception in 2002, we have sold over 40,000 Atlanta homes and worked with over 10,000 buyers.  We are proud of the smooth process that we have built that saves clients both time and money.  

For Sellers :: At DUFFY we do the same services as all full service brokers. We list in the same MLS(s), we use the same advertising, the same websites, the same showing systems, the same lockboxes, the same photographers, the same strategies, the same contracts, the same negotiation tactics (even better), the same closing process and the same closing attorneys. The Difference? You can actually list and sell your home for 3/4 of 1% of the sales price! That’s right, if an unrepresented buyer buys your home, you pay only 3/4 of 1%. You set the buyer’s agent commission at 2 or 3% commission IF a buyer’s agent is involved (unique seller’s right in the industry). You set the price you want, we will guide you with a range. AND, more importantly, if you choose that you don’t want to sell your home when you get an offer, you can say no to the offer and remove your home from the market. To date, we have sold over 40,000 Atlanta homes with this same model. We average 4.5 stars on every review website. We built this model for smart sellers and we are eager for you to use it and reap the rewards of control and making more money on your sale.

For BUYERS :: DUFFY has a very Powerful Strategy for our Buyer Clients to use a Proven Process to get the opportunity to buy a home. After experiencing much heartache and the frustration of being declined over and over in multiple offer situations, we have finally cracked the code on what it takes to win an offer in this highly competitive market thanks to the help of our own DUFFY Seller Listing Department. Due to the fierce seller’s market we are presently experiencing, where inventory is at an all time low, DUFFY has had to become more of a preparatory school for Buyers in order to make them more competitive Elite Buyers. As a result of our new clearer offer/better prepped Strategy, our Elite Buyer Clients are more likely to pay the right price for the right home, and in many cases, with a lower priced offer. Additionally, and as a reward for their willing participation in the process, DUFFY pays up to half of the commission that we earn to our Buyer Client, in most cases 1 1/2% of the sales price. This club is exclusive for Buyers whom we can get prepared to purchase and then who join us on the journey of buying a home with a result of which they can be proud. This club is not for someone that is not sure of their ability to buy a home or who is not willing to follow our expert guidance. Finding and purchasing the right house at the right price while Avoiding Buyers Remorse is one simple proven process away. 


We love serving our clients here are just a few of our five-star reviews.

Being that I didn’t know what to do or expect being this was my first time selling a house, Duffy made it simple and understandable. My house sold and I actually paid $3,000 less than I thought at closing which will now go toward a down payment on my new house……Thanks, Duffy Realty …You’re Awesome! And I see why you’re #1.
Evelynn Slat
I am extremely pleased with Duffy and the entire experience. Wonderful, well done, congratulations to you Duffy Realty. I really haven’t calculated the money saved yet, but I know it was more than %6. For that I am grateful, the money will, of course, be invested. But all said Duffy will be an experience to be remembered. Well done, well done, Duffy thank you for all your hard work. Again, it was a fabulous experience.
James Watson
I began working with Duffy and within a week I had a contract on our house. That ended up falling through and another contract was picked up, but all the way through, Victoria was a huge help in the process. Victoria and her team were always responding to calls/voicemails and were able to help me answer any questions and get the goals accomplished. Her knowledge was a huge asset to using this team for the sale and helped me in the long run..
Laura Wise

Home buying doesn’t have to be difficult. Take action to start saving time and money, today!

Frank and I are humbled by all of your glowing reviews. Your trust in our abilities and ongoing support enable us to keep helping metro Atlanta families just like yours.  We are proud of our listing service for 1%(+/-) and our buyer cash rebate of commission program.  THANK YOU Atlanta for your success that has made us so successful as a result.

~Rhonda Duffy

Atlanta Top Agent, Rhonda Duffy

Recommended For Over A Decade By 3-Time Client Chuck “The King” Oliver.

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Best reviewed real estate agents in Atlanta

Buyer Cash Rebate of Commission Programs - does the cash come with a catch?

When you hear about real estate commission cashback programs dollar signs probably dance in your head.  And for good reason – many companies and agents are offering some or all of their real estate commission back as a buyer cash rebate of commission incentive to use them.  It sounds too good to be true so is there a catch?


Some Agents use it as a marketing tool to help generate business.  Which is great for you, the buyer. It can help lower closing costs, reduce the price of the home, pay for the appraisal, or more.  But, what if that Agent is new? What are the chances they do not know what they are doing? What if they do not know that they should pull a C.L.U.E. report during the inspection period?  Do they even have a list of investigations they do BEFORE an offer is written and YOUR earnest money is at stake? The main question to ask yourself is, are you willing to have an agent practice real estate with your money? With your family’s future? Is some help with closing costs worth the risk to the biggest financial purchase you will probably ever make?  The answer is no. So not all buyer cash rebate of commission programs are the same.


Buyer cash rebate of commission programs are great.  If you have a plan. So here is what you need to do. Before agreeing to work with someone, vet the agent and pull their scorecard (how many purchases they have been a part of in the last year).  Ask them for that information and for some past clients to talk to about their experience. You want to make sure that the real estate commission they are giving back as part of the cashback program is coming from someone who not only has been in business awhile (closing multiple deals a month) but who is looking out for your best interest. 

At DUFFY Realty, we have been in business since 2002 and have been number one in GA 12 times and number one in the nation 4 years in a row.  We have a lot of experience and we have helped a lot of clients. We are able to do that because of the processes we use. We make sure that the experience of one client is the exact same as the other.  We guarantee our clients will be happy and because of our expertise we are able to offer our buyers a buyer cash rebate of commission program that allows them both the help with costs AND the knowledge that our Buyer Action Timeline will protect them.   It is a win-win.

duffy employee