This will give you a guideline of the rules that you must remember if you want to expend your energy to sell your home as quick as possible.

Rule 1 – You are not in charge of when your home sells, the universe and more specifically, buyers are. So, remember that your role is to do as much as possible to make your home attractive and keep it exposed. The rest, you do not control.

Rule 2 – You must stay connected to your home. The more connected to your home that you are are, the easier it is to sell the home. Pour love on the home by cleaning it and making it more desirable as you go through the process. This may include doing paint touch-ups, tightening knobs and meticulously cleaning on an on-going basis.

Rule 3 – Check your listings on the internet and ask yourself this question “Is this the best my house has ever looked?” If the photos online do not represent the house in the best possible way, change them immediately.

Rule 4 – Market your property with the focus on the same season that you are in. If the season changes, your photos and marketing must also change.

Rule 5 – Stir up as many good memories in your mind as you can of you and your family in the home. This will help you think of things to point out in the marketing of your lifestyle, not just your home.

Rule 6 – Keep your house available for show as much as you can. Do an open house any time of the week that you can. Hold open houses impromptu. Simply put out an open house sign to attract buyers that may have seen you online that are now driving buy. Buyers buy when they are frustrated with looking. Capture them right then instead of making them come back with an appointment.

Rule 7 – Don’t lower your price. It doesn’t guarantee a sale or even traffic. It just guarantees a lower offer when one comes in. If you are getting traffic you are reasonably priced. People don’t spend their time looking at houses they think are priced too high. Instead of lowering the price give more incentives to the buyer’s agent in the form of a higher buyer’s commission and to the buyer in the form of concessions once negotiations have begun.

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