How To Hold A Sales Meeting in Real Estate

If you fall into the category of someone who thinks that you can’t hold a sales meeting, you probably are taking yourself way too seriously.

Sales meetings should be used as a time to think together, to form what I call a MEME. A MEME is like-minded people thinking together. You have seen this in church, it is called prayer. The Bible says that two or more people form a church and by getting together to concentrate on one topic, they are able to make thought form.

Sales meetings are the same principle. So, if you were going to use your sales meeting only to “announce” something, you are missing the boat. A sales meeting should be used to think. They should be used to work together in a small group on role-play. They should be an intimate, private event that fosters a feeling of safety.

Everyone gets a vote. Everyone gets a voice. And everyone is safe. Nothing should ever result from a meeting that gets someone fired. Firings should only happen based on results and goals that have not been met.

Not giving you the rules of a sales meeting, you are empowered to think more about what you can do at a sales meeting.

What can you do? Anything you want. You can do a conga line, play music, throw a beach ball around, play cards, play games or just plain play… Playing is the key.

Play, then work. Work out problems, brainstorm ideas and most importantly, know that you are doing it together.

So, here is the structure that I typically use.

Gather everyone around the sales meeting in two lines facing each other. Upbeat music is playing. When you think everyone has gotten there, have people tell a joke or a funny story to the person across from them. Then, fold the two lines into each other with everyone giving the two people on both sides high-fives.

Everyone sits down, if I don’t like the energy, I have everyone move. And make sure to break up the cliques.

I start with the topic that we are going to talk about by having them write down statements that are relevant to them about said topic. For example, “Write down the objections that you are hearing from people of why they are not ready to buy a house”.

Then we break into groups of 3 and each person reads what the objections are to the others. The others are instructed to not give advice.

After 15 minutes or so, we all join back as a group and discuss what they wrote down. I will give a brief overview of the four general objections in sales and then we will talk about the specific objections they’re dealing with. I start by writing down what the objections are as they read them to me.

Then, as a group, we start to discuss how to add proof to what they are saying as a rebuttal to the client and how to handle the objection. I don’t give my input until the group is finished bouncing ideas off of each other. Let them talk about it as a group.

Whether or not anything is ever settled, the group discussed it and they ignited their own thought process and innate neurology around things that were unconscious in them.

We usually have tasks and follow up action items for everyone to do and then we go from there.

So bottom line for my team and me is that we all share. No one speaks to the other person. We all speak with each other. You must get the people involved with their physiology, writing and talking in front of the group, in either small groups or out loud in front of the whole group. No one is allowed to be shy on my team. We leave no team member behind.

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