How To Attract Buyers To Your Home

Sellers all over the United States look for buyers everyday. Here are some ideas for finding them. And, know that there are plenty more ideas other than these to find buyers, you just have to think out of the box to find them. So, as you read this, if you are in need of some buyers, open your mind and let’s go get them.

You Tube video posted on You Tube and everywhere else you can find to post video. Make the video with your camcorder and load to You Tube or get a Flip camera (they are very affordable and extremely easy to use) and load directly with its software.

Make Google Ad Words for your home and post your video.

Make a flyer and carry it with you everywhere you go to give out.

Hold an open house and dinner for your neighbors only so that they can tell their friends and neighbors about your home.

Make a website for your home with a photo album and advertise the site in newspapers, both big and small, that are cost efficient.

Of course make sure that you are listed in the FMLS and MLS.

A virtual tour on will make sure that you appear in a search query before your competition, those without a tour in your price range, does. Virtual tour companies will put you on their website too. Homescenes is an excellent choice for a virtual tour company.

Post your flyer on any bulletin board that you can find, including your work bulletin board.

If you have a neighbor that works somewhere with a bulletin board, ask them to put your flyer on their board.

Post your home on every for sale by owner site that you can find.

Put signs everywhere around your home.

Hold open houses any time of the week that you are home.

Ask other neighbors that are selling to hold open houses too at the same time and advertise that you are having a neighborhood-wide open house.

Stage your home and get your stager to put it on their website.

Advertise your home on TV.

Advertise your home in any home magazine that allows searching by location.

Consider holding an auction like the one in the book How to Sell Your Home in 5 Days.

Advertise your home to extended stay hotels, if they will allow you.

Hopefully, you are getting the idea that anywhere you want to put your home, helps you in the long run since we don’t know when, where or who your buyer will be.

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