House Buyer Turns Thief; Robs Sellers


All 4 news channels interviewed me when a house buyer turned up with a warrant for stealing a necklace in Sandy Springs while posing as a real estate buyer and working with agents all over town. I am very fortunate to be known by the media as an expert and this is not the first time that I have been interviewed to get the scoop. Of course, I always have a different spin on the matter. My take is that Sellers need to get smarter about what they leave lying around.

By the way, they did catch the guy in Richmond, Virginia a few days later. An agent googled his name after becoming suspicious, saw this story and called me at home to compare notes. She decided that it was him and turned him in.

Check out the article that WSB (Channel 2 – ABC) ran after the story was reported on air by all major news channels.
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