Welcome to the Truth in Real Estate by Real Estate Power House – Duffy Realty of Atlanta

I am Rhonda Duffy, the #1 agent in Georgia and #10 in the U.S. I love looking at routines and traditions and asking the question, “Why do we do it that way?” Of course, many times I find that it is necessary to do things that way, however, many times I find that there is a better way to do business. Something that blends more with the technology that we have today or the preferred way that buyers or sellers like to do business.

In this blog, I will take the opportunity to show you real estate in a way that you may not know real estate. This is from the insider viewpoint and believe me, we do enough volume to know. I will challenge your thinking and I will empower your beliefs.

I will also take time to show you what is going on at Duffy. Duffy is quite a story of it’s own. How we grew from working at my home to a company that has licensed its model to 54 cities so far… and how we at Duffy have listed over 8,000 properties and sold 6,000 of those or so… All of this happened in just 5 years.

Of course you will meet my partners, my staff and my family. I have an unbelievable work environment that took me literally 2 years of sweat to build. These are incredible people seeking personal growth everyday. They are people of integrity, unbelievable work ethic and insatiable pride. I am so proud to be associated with these people. They strive to be better and better everyday and they keep me hopping.

All of the people who work for me are full-time professionals. They believe in themselves and their ability to meet our yearly HUGE quota. You see, at Duffy, we are results oriented. We believe that if you buy a house, you should have someone at your side that actually has done more than just a few transactions. So, with that being said, these people know that you can not fulfill that need if you are working at real estate as a second venture or as a hobby. Bottom line is, the team voted and the team said “If you don’t make a certain amount of money for yourself, (a huge amount), you can’t stay and play with us!” It was uplifting! And thus, we have the Duffy Results Team.

I may show you some of our meetings. They are wacky, but inspiring. I just want you to get to know us so that you know that you have a partner that is intelligent when you need to transact in real estate. Someone that will inspire you to be empowered in knowledge about your largest investment. We make it fun because we know that you want it to be fun.

Thank you for joining me. If you have comments or questions, this is your blog. Ask away…

Rhonda Duffy

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