Here are what some of what our happy homeowners have to say about Duffy Realty’s Buyer Agent Team:


“This is our third house purchase and things sure have changed over the years. Aaron and his team have been very responsive to all of my requests and questions. They have kept me informed the whole time during the process. Since my purchase was not the typical in nature, Aaron and his team went well above and beyond to ensure that everything went as smooth as possible. I appreciate Aaron and his team’s hard work during the process!!”  Brian Hammock Loganville

“I had almost given up about finding a home for my family and decided to do it at a later period , and then came a charmingly smart person, DeAnna Stephenson, who I luckily met after seeing on of DUFFY listed house.  After that, I was in safe hands.  She is very professional, prompt, sensible, knowledgeable, and she guided me thru the process and things started falling in its place.  Everything worked out much better than it was planned. I owe her my deepest gratitude for helping us with the entire process.  I don’t think she ever sleeps!  She replies to email, phone calls, or text messages faster than you take a breath.  From now on, she will be my only choice for any real estate transaction.  She is a SUPER WOMEN!”  Rahim Manani Lawrenceville

“I started searching for a home at the end of May this year 2014. I didn’t know much about purchasing process as this would be my first time. I just so happened to see a condo that caught my eye on a real-estate website, and I reached out to the listing agent, LaShawn Parker, to schedule a time to see the property. I told her that I did not have a real-estate agent yet, and she stated that if I would like her to be my agent, there were several simple instructions in selecting her at the bottom of her email. I followed the instructions, she became my agent, and the rest is history. LaShawn Parker has been a joy to work with, she has been very patient with me throughout my first home purchasing experience, prompt, and she always offered sound advice. I don’t plan on purchasing a home again anytime soon (Lashawn helped me to find the perfect home for me), but if I do, or should I meet someone who is looking for a reliable real-estate agent, I will definitely be referring her.”  Brandis Jennings Fayetteville


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