What is a discount commission real estate agent?  Is it someone who can’t thrive by overcharging a high commission?  Is it someone who has lesser skills? That is what high priced agents say about a discount real estate agent.

While some agents attempt discount brokerage as a business model because they don’t have the skills to be a high priced agent meaning they don’t know how to ask for the business and justify it with a tap dance, that does not mean that all discount commission real estate agents are inept at the real estate business.

At DUFFY, we are so skilled that we are confident that we could easily transition our model to an 8% commission real estate model at any time.  Selling as many properties as we do each year makes us a stealth operator at trends and problem-solving.

So why do we have a discount commission real estate agent model?

In 2002, we made a choice and that choice was based on the fact that agents were overcharging the public for services that were shifting to be less and less work.  That was 2002! Since then, it has become easier to market, easier to communicate and easier to do necessary paperwork with technology.

So now the question is why is every agent not a discount commission real estate agent?  We don’t know either.

And what is a discount anyway?  Discount from what? A ridiculously priced commission that is not necessary.  A discount is simply a price that the business can sell something for and still make a profit.

How much profit do you want to give a business?  If you overpay doesn’t that just make you a sucker?

At DUFFY, we promise you, we are profitable.  The price of selling your home IS and should be around 1% of your sales price.  Period. Frankly, the only reason that it is that high is that the First Multiple Listing Services charges agents .0012 of the sales price at closing per side of the transaction.  If that was not involved then it really should be a simple flat fee no matter what the sales price is because it takes the same process, forms, MLS service and marketing to get a million dollar home sold versus a hundred thousand dollar home.

If you have questions about what it takes to market and sell a home, let’s talk.  It will be about a 3 minute talk. You have to remember overpriced agents what you to think that this is a special magic.  It is not. If it was we could not have sold over 29,000 (+) Atlanta listings since 2002. Please do yourself a favor and at least try Atlanta’s best discount commission real estate agent, Rhonda Duffy before you waste a lot of money on a lesser skilled real estate agent who is not watching trends and adjusting accordingly all in an effort to protect the seller’s profit.