Discount Atlanta Realtor

What is a Discount Realtor?

I hope that everyone knows what a Realtor is, but in case you are not familiar, a Realtor is an agent who pays for a member designation from a club if you will of agents and brokers who are sworn to abide by a certain code of ethics. Any real estate agent and broker can be a member and most agencies encourage such.

I chose this topic of discount Atlanta realtor based on search terms that the public uses when searching to employ an agent to sell their home. But I am curious about how this term came about.

I have found that most of the public believes that a Realtor is every agent and every agent is a Realtor. Almost as if the designation of Realtor is the title given to anyone who passes their real estate license. I know the public is confused because I have asked them and I have never been asked if I am a Realtor.

But the bigger term that I find interesting is the word “discount”. What is discount? Webster’s dictionary defines it as: an amount deducted from the usual list price. Here is my point. Real estate commissions are not standard. In fact, fixed listing commissions are illegal. So, if discount means deduction from usual list price, i.e. commission price, and the term usual discount is not even legally possible, then the word discount can’t be applies in real estate.

So, I believe what the public is looking for is someone who is flexible in their commission or someone who is offering a commission plan that suits what the seller thinks the commission should be? And the only broker and their agents that would not fit in the category of discount broker or discount agent would be the broker and their agents that charges the highest commission ever heard of and paid by a client. What is that? 8, 10 or 12% listing commission. Once again, since there is no standard pricing, no one knows what that price would be. I have heard of some of those being quoted, so really anything less than those lofty prices is established as and should be considered a “discount”. So that really makes virtually every agent a discount agent.

Now, no where in Webster’s definitions of “discount” does it say that you get less service than what is provided to those who pay the highest price. Nor does it say that you get less of a product, it just says that “discount” means that you pay less than usual price.

I think that before we confuse the public anymore with words that don’t mean what we mean them to say, we had better get some new words that mean what we say.

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