List and Sell your home with the best reviewed discount broker in metro Atlanta

for the unheard of commission of 3/4 of 1% of the sales price!

DUFFY Realty saved The Debows $16,700.00 in Listing Commission
DUFFY is the best reviewed discount broker in metro Atlanta saving the Chisholm family $13,400.00 in savings

It’s your home, you call the shots.

3/4 of 1% Listing Commission

When an Agent lists your home, there are fees to get the listing advertised.  Agents take the risk with you and expect to get paid a large fee at closing.  When you pay for your own advertising, you not only pay less at closing, you have more Seller rights to come and go when you please and take an offer that matches your goals.


Same Forms, Same MLS(s), Same Websites

DUFFY uses the same forms, the same MLS(s), the same lockboxes, the same showing system as other agents in Atlanta.  DUFFY has a few marketing strategies and software processes that others don’t because we have tested with volume. We know when something needs to change and we suggest the change to you.


Experts by Specialty™ led by Rhonda Duffy

In DUFFY we have a team that has Experts in each phase of the transaction, all Agents and All Owners of DUFFY.  For example, our Listing Specialist’s job is to maximize your exposure online.  Our DUFFY Negotiation and Legal Compliance™ Department’s job is to keep you safe in the transaction.


Get the Highest Price

At DUFFY we often list homes in the highest range in the neighborhood because we often get the highest price in the neighborhood.  We have formulas that we use to sell quick OR to sell high.  You choose.

Seller Rights

Rent, Sell or Market a Lease Purchase, Withdraw at anytime and come back at no charge, decline as many offers as it takes for you to be happy. Ask a high listing price, do a reverse contingency and more. One of the reasons that we are the best reviewed discount broker in metro Atlanta.

List with DUFFY Realty risk-free! We put our money where our mouth is. If at any point you’d like to cancel your listing, we will offer you a full 100% money back guarantee if you paid a marketing fee upfront. *Rules Apply


For Sellers :: At DUFFY we do the same services as all full service brokers.

We list in the same MLS(s), we use the same advertising, the same websites, the same showing systems, the same lockboxes, the same photographers, the same strategies, the same contracts, the same negotiation tactics (even better), the same closing process and the same closing attorneys.

The Difference? You can actually list and sell your home for 3/4 of 1% of the sales price! That’s right, if an unrepresented buyer buys your home, you pay only 3/4 of 1%. You set the buyer’s agent commission at 2 or 3% commission IF a buyer’s agent is involved (unique seller’s right in the industry).

You set the price you want, we will guide you with a range. AND, more importantly, if you choose that you don’t want to sell your home when you get an offer, you can say no to the offer and remove your home from the market.

To date, we have sold over 40,000 Atlanta homes with this same model. We average 4.5 stars on every review website. We built this model for smart sellers and we are eager for you to use it and reap the rewards of control and making more money on your sale.

This is what makes DUFFY the best reviewed discount broker in metro Atlanta.

DUFFY is the best reviewed discount broker in metro Atlanta saving the Churchman family over $11,000.00
DUFFY is the best reviewed discount broker in metro Atlanta saving the Wesley family over $9,000.00

How Our Listing Process Works for You!

Since 2002, we’ve won by being intentionally efficient.  This is one of the reasons that DUFFY is the best reviewed discount broker in Metro Atlanta.

We have strategically marketed and proudly sold over 40,000 listings since 2002! We give our sellers’ superior value and results. Our Clients range from first time sellers to experienced investors so do not be intimidated or fooled that you are in this alone. Our mission statement includes No Client Confusion and we mean to prove it to you.

Our ‘Average Days on Market’ beats the competition.

Our clients enjoy the fact that our average home stays on the market is better than others, beating the Atlanta real estate statistics for days on market.

One of the reasons that our days are quicker is because we have a unique database of thousands of buyer clients who we know are actively wanting to buy. Playing matchmaker in our own database, we are able to match those buyers with our sellers even before they come on the market to make a quicker sale.

On the flip side of that, most real estate agents work alone, never having the power of their company’s database. The fact that we have thousands of buyers and their detailed profiles in our database is a huge advantage to our DUFFY Realty seller’s success.

DUFFY Secrets, so many secrets we love to share.

The DUFFY Secrets that we have been gathering over since 2002 save our Clients time AND save them more money to produce big wins for their families.

These tricks of the trade are garnered from over 40,000 sold homes that include how to price the house higher than the competition AND how to get the most out of the price by helping the buyers see the value of the property.

Neighborhoods only increase in value when someone asks a high price. We proudly help neighborhoods increase in value every single day.

You can expect the unexpected and have fun along the way when you chose to do it the DUFFY Way.

We do EVERY step of the process needed to get your home sold!

It is simple – you keep your house clean, say yes to showings, and say yes to the offer terms and we’ll do the rest of the work! How easy!

Listing and Selling are two different things. We do every step of the process needed to get the home sold:

  • We price it.
  • We strategize it.
  • We list it.
  • We market it.
  • We show it.
  • We negotiate it.
  • We close it!

We’ve identified and execute 32 precise strategic tasks that an agent should do.

You may be thinking right now that the cost is so low compared to other options of selling with an expert so that means that you are doing our job for us. That is simply not true and we are here to say, numbers don’t lie.

We honestly could not have sold what we can prove to you that we have sold if we had left the transaction in the hands of all of our sellers. You are paying less if you choose that option because you are paying for your own marketing upfront instead of us taking more risk and paying if for you. There are 32 strategic tasks that a skilled agent does to get your home sold. We do all 32 of those tasks with precision. That is how we have successfully sold over 40,000 properties leaving our sellers with a closing and more money in their pocket.

There is no one team that has our well-oiled machine and scientific process in the U.S. and you, like our other sellers enjoy sitting back while we work the machine without you doing anything but keeping the house clean and saying yes to offer terms. This IS the same formula that other proficient, capable agent’s offer you with far less cost to you.

Our served clients love us and regularly rate 5 Stars.

  • We have a 5-star rating and have been named “Best of Kudzu.com in 2013, 2014, and 2015” with more than 500 written testimonials from our clients.
  • We have over 525 – 5 Star reviews on Zillow
  • We have 120+ success stories on Yelp
  • We have more than 1,250 testimonials on our website
  • We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau since 2002 with over 300 reviews.

We can’t say that every single client has been happy at the end of our relationship, it is not for a lack of trying on our part. We do everything possible to make this as painless as possible and every seller team member that you will interact with is an owner of DUFFY Realty as of October 2015.  Another reason that DUFFY is the best reviewed discount broker in metro Atlanta.

With 1000’s of buyers in our database, we close equal amounts of buyers and sellers.

We are a complete brokerage with a stealth seller and buyer team which means that you get more than one person to make the dream happen for you. We have thousands of buyers and thousands of sellers that we represent each year. From the high volume of business we do, we can spot trends easier and quicker and know what those trends mean for our clients.

We have pocket listings of sellers that we know who have an interest in selling, just like you will share with us when we talk to you. And from the tens of thousands of listings we have advertised and sold, we know many people who are looking to buy, including ongoing investors – so if you want your house sold right now, at a low price just to get rid of it – we know who to call.

If you need something done in your home, let us send our guys to you. They are experts in their field. DUFFY clients are DUFFY family and we have home improvement experts with turnkey solutions and helpful vendors we can share with you to lessen the pain of getting your home ready.

When you list with DUFFY, you have access because Rhonda Duffy has created a circle of friendship and family with clients and contractors who help each other.

Rhonda Duffy was the #1 Retail Listing Agent in the U.S. 4 years in a row for volume.

Rhonda Duffy is the documented #1 agent team for SOLD properties in the U.S. as ranked by the only ranking source of the close to 2,000,000 real estate agents in the U.S.

Rhonda’s numbers speak for themselves and speak to the effect she and her team of experts will have on your success and their ability to sell your home. Remember, you don’t get just Rhonda, you get her team of other owners at DUFFY Realty.

Real estate does not happen with credibility without numbers and we seek to break our personal records each and every year. We need you to sell, be happy, tell your friends and come back to us again in the future.

We save our clients time and money

We have built a stealth machine that serves clients with precision, saving their time and safeguarding their money to keep and spend with their family and have fun with their loved ones. Our clients comment constantly about how smooth this transaction was compared to prior purchases or sales with other agents. Each one of us has a mission to serve our clients that way on purpose.

DUFFY is the best reviewed discount broker in metro Atlanta saving the Gomez family $7540.00 in savings

The Best Reviewed Discount broker in metro Atlanta and we charge the unheard of listing commission of 3/4 of 1%.

It is such a conundrum when you start looking for an agent to help represent you. 

Everyone knows someone who has their license or someone who helped them years ago. Better yet, there are a ton of people who do it part-time so it seems that everyone you talk to has their real estate license! Plus, there are so many agents out there that will entice you with discounted commissions so how you do not know which way to go?  Money or Experience?

The question then is, how do you choose an agent? How do you know that the agent you chose is any good?  Can you have the best of both worlds – money AND experience?

Well, you start by looking for the best reviewed discount broker in metro Atlanta.  Then you will find that we charge an unheard of listing commission of only 3/4 of 1% listing fee real estate agents.  This means that instead of letting someone tell you about themselves or tell you about their friend, you look for the proof.  And one of the best ways to do that is to start by looking for the best reviewed discount commission real estate agents online.  

Reviews do not lie.  They can be manipulated to a point – think twenty or so 5 star reviews.  You can get all of your friends and family to write those. Look for an agent who has such a large amount of reviews that you can see the honesty there.  Try and find some that have people who did not have a good experience (do not dismiss someone by one or two as there are a lot of “different” personalities out there and the situation is never what it reads online) but the majority are positive.  That is an indicator that you have found one of the best reviewed discount commission real estate agents! Congrats!

Here at DUFFY Realty, we have one of best reviewed discount commission real estate agents EVER in the state of Georgia and in the nation. Rhonda Duffy has a formidable online presence, just look at her Zillow reviews, BBB rating, testimonials on her website or FB plus so much more.  Not only does her experience match her reviews but she also gives back to her clients. On the listing side, which she is famous for, she offers a $500 flat fee listing and on the buying side, she has a Self-Search Program where you can earn up to 50% of her commission back! 

With Rhonda Duffy, you get one of the best reviewed discount commission real estate agents
PLUS money back and saved.  The best of both worlds!
DUFFY is the best reviewed discount broker in metro Atlanta saving the Frazier family $7,900.00 in savings
DUFFY is the best reviewed discount broker in metro Atlanta saving the Martinez family $2,625.00 in savings