How do you know when to draw the line between do-it-yourself projects and hiring a contractor to help with home renovations? If you enjoy spending time with your family on home improvement projects, then you might consider the benefits of undertaking a few DIY projects together. But, there are times when you should sit back and relax while the professionals handle the heavy lifting of home renovations.

Building Family Memories

The main advantage of a DIY project is that you can build memories with your kids. It is a fun and exciting experience for kids to pick out the wall color or décor items for their bedroom. Or, you can create a family memory garden by choosing the flowers and shrubs to create the backyard of your dreams.

On the other hand, some families prefer to outsource the work of home renovations so that they can focus their time on fun activities with the family. You might plan a weekend trip away while the contractors are working. Then, you can come home to a newly designed home.

When to Hire a Contractor

Even if you enjoy DIY projects, there are certain activities that should always be done by an experienced home contractor. These are a few examples of times when you need to call the pros:

  • Plumbing: Water damage can lead to thousands of dollars in home renovations’ costs. Instead of taking the risk of something going wrong, it is best to bring in a plumber to help if you are having issues with the pipes. Not only will you avoid the lengthy process of pipe replacement, but you could also save money on the overall costs of the project.
  • Roofing: Remember that time is money, and there is no reason for you to sit in the sun to replace the roof shingles. The roof is one of the most important parts of the house because it is the first line of defense against the harsh weather elements. Make sure that you have a strong, leak-proof roof by bringing in the experts to help.
  • Structural Changes: It is trendy for homeowners to change the floor plan to create the open floor plans that are so popular. But, don’t start knocking down walls if you don’t understand the architecture of the building. Taking out a load-bearing wall could lead to terrible results that compromise the structural integrity of the home, crippling your home renovations. It might be fun to take a sledgehammer to a wall with your teenage son, but you need to be sure that you get a professional recommendation before starting on the work.

Spending a little money on these expert services can be a great way to ensure that you build the home equity that you desire. Whether you are buying a fixer-upper or renovating your home so that you can sell, our team at DUFFY Realty is here to help your home renovations. Call for more information about the real estate services that we offer: (678) 318-1700