Older homes offer charming characteristics that are difficult to create with new architecture. If you love the stories and personality that can be found in historic homes, but you want the convenience of modern design styles, then you need to consider ways that an older property can be retrofitted to meet your needs.

Just because you are living in an older home, doesn’t mean that you need to put up with old finishes and an inconvenient layout. Some homeowners think that renovations won’t work in an antique home. But, there are a few solutions that you can use to get the best of both worlds: maintain the charm of the home and enjoy modern finishes at the same time.

Maximize the Flow of the Home

One of the drawbacks to an antique home is that the layout isn’t conducive to the flow of traffic between rooms. The rooms and hallways are often small, with sharp turns and angles that can be hard to navigate. Consider moving some of the walls to open up space so that it improves the function of the living areas.

Before you decide if a wall can be removed, it is essential that you bring in a contractor to assess the structural integrity of the home. You need to be sure that it isn’t a weight-bearing wall. Removing the wrong wall could potentially cause other damage and put your home at risk!

Upgrade the Mechanical Systems

Even though you want to keep the walls and flooring with the antique layout and design, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make changes within the walls. Upgrading the mechanical systems can make a big difference to influence the comfort of your property.

Many older homes have outdated electrical and plumbing systems which lack important safety features and are inefficient. By upgrading these systems, you reduce the likelihood of serious damage from water leaking or an electrical fire. As these areas are being upgraded, consider adding insulation to the attic and walls to boost the energy efficiency without changing the aesthetic appearance of the property.

Maintain Structural Themes

Identify the design features that are unique to your home, and make sure to leave those key themes in place. For example, if you have old bay windows in place, maintain the same shape and structure and simply update to newer energy efficient models instead.

Or, if a classic fireplace is in the main living area, leave the fireplace and remodel the rest of the room around that feature. These historic features can be cleaned and maintained to ensure that they look great with the other design elements in the room.

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