A Stress-Free Checklist for Moving for a New Job

Moving across the country or even just across town can be stressful, especially if you’re moving to another city for work. But you don’t have to stress about your move with this handy checklist from Duffy Realty, detailing all the most important things to consider when planning your next big move.  Here is your Stress-Free Checklist for Moving for a New Job:

Set Goals

Depending on your circumstances, you may want to choose a location based on whether it has excellent schools or is within proximity to your new job. You can also use your research to help set long-term goals, such as saving money or enrolling in school. Think of these as tasks that need completing before moving day; they’ll help keep you accountable and on track while adjusting to life in a new city. Check the price-to-rent ratio in different cities to gauge where to buy or rent.

Choose a Moving Professional

If you’re planning to move soon, it might be wise to start looking into moving professionals. Moving companies are businesses that specialize in transporting belongings, even vehicles. You can hire movers if you don’t have friends available to help you move or you’re moving to a distant location. Movers often charge by weight and volume of items, so keep detailed records of what you’re putting in your new place — especially if you’re living out of boxes while your furniture is getting shipped.

Pack Like a Pro

When packing for a trip, it can be easy to get distracted when checking off items on your packing list. It’s crucial, however, to avoid getting sidetracked and forgetting things you may need when traveling for a new job. Pack these essential items, and carry them with you, and you’ll have less stress once you arrive at your destination:

  • Medicines
  • Chargers
  • Important documents
  • Snacks for family
  • Pet treats and toys
  • Keys
  • Alarm clock
  • Contact lens fluid
  • Toothbrushes
  • Spare batteries
  • A basic first-aid kit
  • Pillows and bed linens

Look After Your Pets

While you’re busy preparing yourself and your family, don’t forget about your pets. Talk to your veterinarian about getting all your pet’s vaccines up to date. For a long-distance move, especially if you’re moving to another country, you might consider using a pet-shipping service, which can handle your pet’s relocation safely and navigate the various rules and regulations. 

Take Some Time Off Work

Sometimes, the worst part of relocating to a new city is leaving behind coworkers, family, and friends. Take advantage of your time off before moving to say goodbye, attend work events, and spend time with your family. You must decompress and look forward to getting away from it all.

Remember, it’s natural to feel apprehensive when faced with a big change, but if you like your new location but your new job turns out to be less than ideal, or you’re moving but don’t have a job secured yet, don’t despair. These days, many businesses are struggling to fill vacancies, so getting another job might be as simple as taking advantage of this free resume builder to highlight your past experience. From there, look for something that will be the right fit for you in your new community.

Moving Your Business

If your move involves relocating your limited liability company or LLC to a new state, you’ll have to register it properly. You can file the paperwork yourself or through a formation service to avoid paying high lawyer expenses. Various states have different rules for forming an LLC or corporation, so check the requirements for LLC registration in yours before proceeding.

A Stress-Free Move

When moving, it’s essential to plan ahead and carefully consider what you need to bring. Planning makes moving as stress-free as possible. Having a Stress-Free Checklist for Moving for a New Job is key!

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Written by Educator and Activist, Patrick Young