How to Settle Into Your New Home After Moving

Whether you move across town or across the country, settling into your new home after moving always takes some time. It’s normal to feel a little out of place in unfamiliar surroundings. You don’t know the neighbors, the streets are confusing to navigate, and you’re living among piles of moving boxes and miscellaneous items that need organizing. Getting your home set up and finding your way around your new neighborhood is all part of the moving process. Here are some resources to help you feel at home more quickly!

Start Making Preparations Before Moving

Don’t wait until the last minute to plan your move. Right from the moment you begin house-hunting, start planning out the details of your relocation.

● Work with a great real estate brokerage like DUFFY Realty for help finding the perfect new place to call home.
● If you’re house-hunting long distance, learn how to get a mortgage and buy a house in another state.
● Start planning your move well in advance so you can avoid common moving mistakes.
Declutter your things to reduce your moving costs and make the unpacking process easier.

Build Your New Social Network

Online tools and apps make it easy to connect with people and make new friends after moving. Just be sure to introduce yourself to people in person as well!

Track down old friends from school and find out if any of them live in your new city.
● Try apps like Nextdoor and Meetup to connect with locals and make new friends.
● Sign up for a group fitness class and arrive early so you have time to chat with staff and other people waiting for class to start.

Make Your House Feel Like Home

Investing in a few home improvements can help your new space feel comfortable and familiar much more quickly.

● Tackle some outdoor projects to create an inviting outdoor living space.
● Add a fresh coat of paint to the walls to make your home look and feel like new.
● Decorate your home with art pieces that reflect your personality.
● Bring potted plants into your home to create a calming and healthy atmosphere.

Regardless of what you do to prepare for your move and get settled into your new home after moving, expect it to take a few weeks before you really feel comfortable in your new space. This transitionary period can feel overwhelming, so go easy on yourself. After all, moving is one of the most stressful things you can do!

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Written by Patrick Young, Educator and Activist.