Good home designs are the difference between an average home and a property that stands out. Do you love your current home? If not, then it might be time to move to a new property. Current interest rates are low. So, it’s a great time to move! Or, you might invest in renovations for your current home if you’d like to stay awhile.

Here are a few of the new trends and styles we are seeing in the real estate market:

Browns are Back

In recent years, gray, white, and navy have been the most popular colors for home décor. Brown was out of style for a while, but we are seeing it sneak back into some of the newer designs. Instead of the dark brown shades of the past, homeowners are choosing lighter versions. Popular choices include sand, beige, and taupe.

Many other earth tones look great with brown. For example, if you prefer gray, then choose a shade with brown undertones. Accent colors can include creams and lighter shades.

Jewel Accents

Some designers are boldly adding dark jewel tones as accents in the bathrooms and kitchens. These colors fall into the category “moody.” They set a nice, cozy tone in the room. Popular home designs include burgundy, green, and emerald.

Incorporate the jewel tones in wallpaper, paint, tile, or furniture. Be careful to only use these tones as accents. Too much will make the room look dark and somber.

Warmer Wood Tones

Are you thinking about refinishing the floors or cabinets in your kitchen? Darker wood shades are trending down. More homeowners are choosing the warmer, lighter shades of wood. Popular choices include white oak or French oak.

Real wood is luxurious in home designs. But the cost is higher than other types of flooring. Consider an alternative if you want to create a beautiful look with wood. For example, vinyl planking creates the appearance of wood. But vinyl is a fraction of the price. Plus, vinyl is easier when it comes to maintenance and upkeep.

Curvy Furniture and Accents

It might feel like we are throwing it back to the 80’s! The style of curvy furniture, lights, and other features is coming back into style again. Many homeowners are setting aside the boxy-styles and sticking with softer edges on couches, chairs, and tables.

New Home Designs: Upgrading Your Home

Use these design trends in your current home to upgrade your space. Or, you might consider these options if you are buying an existing home that needs renovations. A little bit of renovation can go a long way to transform your living space.

The most important thing you need to remember is to choose colors that match your unique preferences. Just because a certain style is trending, doesn’t mean that you will love it in your home.

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