If you watch the real estate trends over the years, it’s easy to see that summer is a popular time to buy a home. The kids are out of school, the weather is great, and families are looking to settle in before fall.

But has the COVID-19 pandemic changed the summer real estate season? The truth is that this summer is still a great time to buy a home. Talk to our real estate team and we will share the numbers. Homes are selling, prices are staying strong, and families are continuing to move forward with their personal goals.

People Always Need a Place to Live

Regardless of the economic turbulence in our country, one fact remains: families need a place to live. You have the option to throw money away by paying someone else’s mortgage. Or, you can make sure that your money is working for your financial future by paying your own mortgage.

Long-term financial strategy shouldn’t fluctuate from one year to the next, depending on current economic trends. Instead, it is important to remember that homeownership is an effective way to build wealth. As your home increases in value, you have more equity that builds wealth for retirement.

So, if you are thinking about moving, why not invest this summer? The real state industry is moving forward and our team is here to help.

Low Interest Rates = Time to Buy a Home

The FED announced that they were combating the economic recession by slashing interest rates. These interest rates will likely stay low for a while. What does that mean for your family? If you decide that it’s time to buy a home, you can expect to save tens of thousands of dollars over the course of your loan.

Even the smallest changes in interest rates can have a big impact on your financial plan. Lower interest rates mean that your payment is also lower. Or, you have the option to buy a bigger home since more of your payment will go to the principle of the loan (instead of interest costs).

These rock-bottom interest rates are the tipping point for many families to see that it is time to buy a home. But we always support the unique needs and timing for each family. So, our real estate agents encourage buyers to consider their situation and be wise in choosing the home size and payment that will work in the future.

Talk to the Atlanta Real Estate Experts

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