How much extra time do you have at home during the Coronavirus “Stay Home” recommendations? The specific limits and guidelines are changing daily in many locations across the country (and worldwide). As you are spending more time in your home, you have the opportunity to spend quality time with your family and catch up on home improvement projects.

Your free time is the perfect chance for you to get caught up on all of the to-do items that have been pushed to the backburner. When the Stay Home recommendations are lifted, imagine how accomplished you will feel with your newly completed home improvement projects!

Design Your To-Do List: Home Improvement Projects

What is the highest priority for home renovations and upgrades? Here are a few DIY options that can be completed if you are looking for a project to work on:

  • Painting: The fastest, easiest way to give a room a facelift is by adding a fresh coat of paint. Touch up the current walls, or add a new color if you would like to redecorate.
  • Work and Study Areas: Many families are shifting to work from home, with the need to manage the kid’s education from home as well. Set your family up for success by having dedicated work stations for the adults, and school stations for the kids. Good lighting, a sturdy desk, and a comfortable chair are essential items. Pick an area in your home – such as a temporary transformation of the guest room into a study area.
  • Plant the Garden: If you are feeling cooped up, spend a little time outside with your family. Outdoor home improvement projects might include planting flowers near the porch or putting the vegetable garden that you’ve always wanted. Look around the yard to find areas that need a little bit of TLC.
  • Organize the Closets: Home improvement projects don’t have to require tools and hardware. Organizing closets can be a great way to freshen your living space. Not only will spring cleaning make you feel better about the appearance of the closets, but you can also identify items that can be donated to help in the local shelters.
  • Plan Future Home Improvement Projects: If you have a bigger project that requires support from a service provider, then it might be the right time to put your plans on paper so you are ready to move forward when the Coronavirus pandemic is over.

    Look through pictures on Pinterest to design the perfect bathroom or kitchen renovation. Write a list of your essential features so you are prepared when it is time to get proposals from local contractors.

Considering a New Home This Year?

If you are thinking about moving in 2020, then it is the perfect time to prepare your home before listing it on the Atlanta real estate market. For more information about how home improvement projects can boost your home value, DUFFY Realty is here to help. Call us at (678) 318-1700.

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