Every holiday season is a chance to draw a little closer to the ones you love. The memories created during these few months at the end of each year can last a lifetime, creating bonds of unity and family culture. But these things don’t happen on accident! Time-honored home holiday traditions are built on purpose. If you’d like to start some new family home holiday traditions, here are several ideas to consider this holiday season:

Top 10 Holiday Traditions to Share with Your Family

  1. Create an Advent Calendar – Counting down the days until Christmas can be an enjoyable way to mark the passing the days with anticipation. Fill your advent calendar with goodies for both old and young and build excitement for the coming holiday!
  2. Decorate a Tree – This tradition is a festive way to ring in the season. The lights, colors, and activity of choosing and will bring a smile to everyone in the house. And select a real tree for a home holiday tradition that smells best.
  3. See the Lights – Holiday lights can be a high point for many individuals and families to experience each year. Find your local “candy cane lane” where every house looks like a gingerbread cottage!
  4. Volunteer Outing – Looking out for those in need is another great tradition to participate in. This practice can help spread holiday cheer to the lonely, shut-in, or down-hearted. Give a little of yourself to others every year.
  5. Remember Your Ancestors – The generations of our family before may be gone, but taking time to remember them is a wonderful way to connect with who we are. Perhaps you’ll learn of some old family traditions you can rekindle!
  6. Video Interview – Each Christmas Eve, hold a playful interview with each member of your family. After doing this for many years, you’ll love to look back each season and remember how much the kids have grown and everything has changed.
  7. Decorate Cookies – This activity can be a real hit. Go all out with different flavors, frosting colors, decorative tips, and candies. Maybe make it a friendly competition! Not exactly a Festivus Feat of Strength but it is a great new home holiday tradition.
  8. Attitude of Gratitude –Create a holiday gratitude jar, and invite everyone to write down something they’re grateful for each day. On Christmas Eve, gather together and read what everyone felt grateful for this year.
  9. Movie Night – If your family has a movie they love, find a night each year during the holidays to sit down together to watch it as a family. Popcorn, treats, and lights down is the way to go.
  10. Collect Ornaments – Each year, place one new special ornament on the tree. Try to get something meaningful and memorable.

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