For many people, it can be tempting to put off listing their home for sale until spring to list their home. After all, the market is too slow during the colder months, right? Think again. The sales numbers tell a different story.  Over the last 3 years, sales have increased by about 4.5% in the winter months. If you’re thinking of selling, here are several reasons you should go ahead and list your place now and don’t wait for Spring to list.

Winter Buyers are Serious

These shoppers and looky-loos are bundled up indoors, waiting for spring to come around. For those buyers who are willing to get out and shop during the cooler months, they mean business.

Less Home Inventory Means Less Competition

Even though there are generally fewer homes on the market during the winter months, it turns out there are serious buyers out there intently looking for a home to buy, shopping a reduced supply of inventory when compared to warmer months of the year. In Atlanta, more homes go under contract in January than you might think. It’s one of the strongest months of the year.  Another reason not to wait for spring to list.

Year-End Tax Breaks

Buyers that are in the market know that buying a home before year’s end can give them tax write-offs related to the purchase of their new home. These tax benefits include deductions related to real estate taxes, mortgage interest, and premiums for private mortgage insurance premiums. Sometimes, these incentives are enough to move a buyer to act in their best interest and buy sooner rather than later.

Incentive Payouts and Year-End Bonuses

Buyers with an incentive or bonus payday coming are often laying plans to act before the holidays. First time home buyers are ready to enter the market for a cozy Christmas in their new place. Established homeowners are looking to upgrade as the season gets underway. These are powerful motivating reasons for buyers to get out there and shop the market, and a good reason for you to list your home sooner rather than in the spring.

Time Off

The holidays afford many people more time to handle personal affairs away from the office. Serious buyers take advantage of this and get out there to capitalize on their free time. They schedule more showings, browse more real estate websites, and make plans for their new home.

Deadlines and Life Changes

Many buyers find themselves working against a deadline. They may be up against an expiring lease, a job relocation, or their existing home just went under contract to sell. Other motivating life changes include the birth of a child, a marriage, a divorce, a death, or new employment. These things happen any time of the year, leading buyers to act now.

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