Any time you are investing money in a big purchase, it is important that you are careful to “avoid buying a lemon home”. This term is often used in reference to a car purchase when someone buys a used car and then encounters problem after problem due to breakdowns and necessary repairs. In the same way, you might face expensive problems if you aren’t careful about the home that you buy.

Avoid Buying a Lemon Home

Even if you feel like you have finally found the perfect home for your family, you should never skip the pre-purchase inspection process. Some people assume that an inspection is unnecessary. Others don’t want to hear the bad news because they want to buy the home no matter what.

Remember that it is your responsibility to protect the financial interests of your family. Failing to complete a home inspection could leave you in a challenging situation if you need to invest thousands of dollars unexpectedly into home repairs or maintenance work.

Safeguards for Your Home Purchase to Avoid Buying a Lemon Home

Keep in mind that certain safeguards are built into the real estate industry to protect home buyers:

  • State law requires that sellers disclose known problems with the property, though these issues don’t necessarily need to be repaired
  • Buyers can invest in warranties that cover any problems with the home after move-in
  • Offers are designed with inspection contingencies, which void the contract if problems arise in the home inspection

While no house is perfect, there are a few things that you can do to avoid buying a lemon home and suffering  from the  high expenses related to problems with the home.

Always Hire an Experienced Inspector

Even though the home looked good when you walked through it with your real estate agent, you don’t have the experience to know if there are problems with the plumbing, electrical system, or roof. A professional home inspector should always be hired to evaluate every aspect of the property structure and systems.

You might even consider multiple inspections. The inspection timeframe is short, but you have the option to schedule multiple people to complete the necessary inspections. For example, it is smart to not only check for structural problems, but also bring in a pest control expert, identify potential signs of mold, and complete a meth test.

Finding the Right Home for Your Family

The hope is that the inspection will come back with good news, giving you the opportunity to close the deal. But don’t despair if something comes up in the inspection and you need to walk away from the offer it will at least allow you to avoid buying a lemon home. At DUFFY Realty, we want to be sure you love the home that you buy. Our team is dedicated to helping you avoid buying a lemon. Call today to learn more about the quality real estate properties available here in Atlanta: (678) 318-1700