10 Tips On How to Train Real Estate Agents

Training real estate agents or anyone for that matter is really easy when you follow these tips. I have uncovered these tips over years of running a very successful real estate company. Of course, this stuff did not just come to me. It is tested and tweaked often, but here are my current tips for you. By the way, my idea of success is low maintenance, adult communication and not stupid repetitive questions that waste my time.

1. Videotape every meeting. Use the good meetings to show the new agents what is expected of them. By setting up a library of these taped meeting and training sessions you are educating new agents on their time in your office. This ensures consistency between all agents no matter when they joined the team or when the meeting was conducted. Meetings should only concentrate and focus on good sales material. They should be entertaining, wherein you incorporate music and fun. Meetings should be every 3 weeks, not every week.

2. Transcribe the meeting so that any relevant points can be used in training materials as a reference library for future agents. Also, any agenda that holds merit should be posted in the materials below.

3. Build a Playbook or Agent Bible if you will, of the rules of your company and important laws that you want your agents to be aware of. Charge for the Playbook. The fee should be non-refundable and should be pretty steep. You don’t want more broke losers joining your herd of low maintenance producers.

4. Build a website for the agents that houses company forms. This can be a simple website but is the resource for agents to go first for updated information or procedures.

5. Give written tests often. No announcement is needed. You should have told them from the beginning that this is expected of them. Testing will ensure employee consistency or show you where improvement is needed. This is a vital way for you to know that everyone is trained the same way and that is everyone is competent.

6. Make meetings mandatory with a $25 fine and test if they don’t attend.

7. Give your agents a list of where to get everything that they need to start their business in either the Playbook, the website or in their hiring packet.

8. Put everyone on quota that is monitored every 6 months. Fire anyone that does not make quota. Numbers don’t lie. In other words, the only thing that matters is results. Their commission to meet quota needs to be “in the bank or on the books” at the end of the six months.

9. Have checklists for everything.

10. Don’t allow agents to hang out in your office and don’t allow them to make copies for free. Copies lead to many other things that agents come up with that you should pay for. Agents are independent contractors and should pay their own expenses.

And a bonus tip: Respect your agents if they have accomplished everything above. And if they have, they are equal to you. You are just the leader.

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