There is a big free agency year coming up in the NBA for the summer of 2010. While I don’t often comment on sports, I thought I would give you my most 10 overrated players currently in the NBA.

10.) Steve Nash– While there is always ooh’s and aah’s about his wizardry passing the basketball and his free throw shooting, Nash still doesn’t realize that defense wins titles. He will be sure fire Hall of Famer with Charles Barkley, both with no rings.

9.) Gilbert Arenas– Who knows if he will even return to the NBA with the recent gun antics, but even if he does who really cares? Agent Zero had a few good years of chucking the basketball as a scorer, but really hasn’t done much more including getting past the first round of the playoffs. I’d take Antwan Jamison or Caron Butler over him any day to start a team. Nice investment Washington!

8.) Ray Allen- Here is another guy who has scored on bad teams for years until he joined the Celtics, but really has had below average numbers on everything but scoring and free throw shooting. He doesn’t pass or rebound well let alone defend. No title for this guy without Garnett and Pierce. Is there still a team in Seattle?

7.) Vince Carter– They call it Vinsanity on the court. I call it not being able to figure out how to win a championship. Vince is over the hill, and needs to learn a post up mid range game like Michael and Kobe have done in their careers. Shooting 30% from 3 point land won’t get it done. Orlando was better off with Turkgolo in the lineup.

6.) Elton Brand- Wasn’t he the guy who was supposed to bring the big double double to Philadelphia to make them a contender again? Instead it has been 14.5 points and slightly over 6 rebounds a game. Enjoy the summer Philadelphia.

5.) Lamar Odom- Some people say he is the best 6th man in the league. I say here’s guy who shoots less then 30% from the 3 point line and under 70% from the free throw line. Every once in a while he posts a huge rebound game, but he isn’t near as good an all around player as the hype. Sorry Mr. Kardashian.

4.) Manu Ginobili– Respectfully, a few years ago Ginobili was truly one of the games top players. However, people keep talking about the Spurs and them making a run to take the Lakers. Guess again. Ginobili isn’t even shooting 40% from the floor, and is showing signs of his age.

3.) Brandon Jennings– One 55 point game doesn’t make you a superstar. With a shooting percentage of less than 38%, that won’t cut it to be a premier player in the league. The game doesn’t match the hype, and the NBA teams have finally started to figure out how to shut this kid down.

2.) Tracy McGrady– I can never figure out why people like this guy so much. Who cares if he is Vince Carter’s cousin? They both belong on this list. He never got it done in Orlando, and even if he and Yao return together they won’t get it done in Houston. McGrady has flashes of brilliance, but has never put together an all around season.

The number one winner in my book is Greg Oden. What is there to say but disappointment and more disappointment? Kevin Durant probably sure looks good to Portland right now. Maybe Oden has a future in the adult film industry, but it won’t be as an NBA center.

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