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Duffy Realty Savings Calculator

$0.00 in traditional commissions has been saved by Duffy sellers!

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Duffy Commission
with buyers agent
($500 + 1/3% + 3%)

Duffy Commission
without buyers agent
($500 + 1/3%)

Duffy Realty saves you money by only charging $500 upfront and 1/3 of a Percent at closing plus 3% if a buyer's agent is involved.

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Real Estate 2014 Update

It's a Seller's Market! Sellers are receiving multiple offers on their property due to one of the lowest inventory levels in history, so why overpay on the listing commission if your home is going to sell anyway? The average homeowner saves $9,000 in commission when they list with us with our full service, $500 flat fee listing model. You will do no more work than you would if you were listed with a full priced agent.

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